Scenic W620 motherboard compatibility

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Scenic W620 motherboard compatibility

Postby jazzyflymc » Sat Mar 07, 2009 12:14


I am about to buy an old Scenic W620 and I am planning to change the old and obsolete motherboard (D1837)with a new ATX motherboard (I am not decided wich one, let's say any ATX motherboard, not the ones that FJ would use on their computers).

Still, I am concearned if a new motherboard would fit: more exactly, will the socket on the new motherboard have the same position as the one on the original D1837 ? Since the heatsink of the CPU is fitted on the power supply, even one centimeter up, dow, left or right would not allow me to fit the cpu with the power supply.
Long story short: do all ATX motherboards have the same position of the CPU socket ?

Thank you

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Re: Scenic W620 motherboard compatibility

Postby Cavaille » Wed Mar 25, 2009 13:40

Better late then never.

Sadly, you can´t change the motherboard. Did you notice that there is only one fan that cools power supply & processor at the same time? It´s connected to a connector that is FSC specific. In order to change the motherboard you would have to change the power supply also - which will be difficult since the power supply in the W620 isn´t standard. It could work however with newer boards from FSC (boards built for running 24/7) - they are very expensive. You can search at eBay for D2178, D2156-X2 - they should work, would run your Pentium 4 and some modern CPU including early Core2Duo. Good luck.
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