[SCENIC E600] Possible power supply burnt

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[SCENIC E600] Possible power supply burnt

Postby kwng » Thu Dec 18, 2008 16:11

The PC suddenly power off. I can smell something burning. The smell is similar to some electronic component burnt. Open up lid, found the smell very strong inside the power supply unit. I would appreciate very much if anyone know about on whether the power supply unit is replaceable (where to buy), how much it will cost and how to remove it from the chassis (instructions to remove the power supply unit). PS: I have checked the fuse
(the part that indicate whether it is 110v or 230v and I am not sure it is a fuse), it has to 2 protruded metal parts but it looked similar to the one of my other Scenic E600s which are still working.

I am totally shocked to know a PC can still get burned nowadays and released toxic smoke while in operation. I have 2 more Scenic E600 currently used by my children (8-10 years old) and now I am very worried. I have never encountered such problem with the other 3 PCs of Dell, Acer and HP. I hope to be able to remove the burnt one and test it with the others to confirm whether it is just the power supply that is out or worse. Is Fujitsu-Siemens proned to overheating and burning?

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