[Scenic] Need informations for upgrade

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[Scenic] Need informations for upgrade

Postby Lannig » Wed Feb 07, 2007 10:43

I have an old Scenic XSp and I search information about the mainboard (fujitsu M70 mainboard), I can't find anything in the FSC website or on the web.
I tried to upgrade my celeron 533mhz to a Pentium 3 coppermine SL52R(1000/256/133/1.70) (sockect 370).
The chipset (i810e) is supposed to recognize it, but the pc doesn't boot. The mainboard works in 133/100/66 FSB, but there is no jumper on it to set the FSB, nothing more in the bios.
I want to make a bios update or a microcode update. The only bios update I found is on the Esupport website and cost 30$. I don't know if it will work. Anybody as any information about it?

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Postby olshevch » Wed Feb 07, 2007 13:12

Did you try google "fujitsu M70 motherboard"?
I found http://www.fujitsu-siemens.co.uk/rl/ser ... M70-MB.htm
May be, this will help. BTW, it seems like mobo does not support 133 FSB, accordingly to the manual by the link...

Pity that I cannot read these two: http://www.infos-du-net.com/forum/27418 ... patibilite and http://www.infos-du-net.com/forum/26091 ... me-pentium, so I'll know, what you were told already...

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