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Postby tryby » Sat Nov 18, 2006 21:13

I have a big problem with my personal computer.
I have an SIEMENS SCENIC PRO C6 with mainboard D-1026.
And i have this problem :
-My power source i think it is going down because sometimes my power on one or two of my hdd falls down.And today the power falled down on 2 of my hdd, and the system got blocked. I reset it and then it couldn`t find any operating system. I turn off the power, i pulled off my hdd , cd-rom, floppy, ram etc ... i started again the pc and give me some errors, i put on the components one by one and i finally got my computer to start with all components but i have some serious problem in my BIOS.
With the errors i made a picture that is uploaded on :

My computer are :
Processor : Intel pentium 2 at 266 MHZ overcloacked at 300MHZ
RAM memory: 128 - 2 sticks with 32 MB and 1 stick with 64 MB
Video : Matrox MGA-G100 (on mainboard)
Sound: Crystal 4239
Network: REALTEK 10/100 MB
HDD : - FUJITSU with 8GB
- Maxtor with 2 GB
- WDC with 3 GB
Cooler : no name plugged on the power supply
Floppy : NO name.

I think that`s all ... if you have a suggestion of how i can get rid of this errors please post back, if you need more informations just ask.

P.S: i reset my BIOS but nothing, it could be a BIOS virus?

Thanks, and sry for my english.
Have a nice day. :)

later edit: sorry for posting on deutchland forum, please an moderator to move it on english forum. Sry :(

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Postby Cybertronic » Sat Nov 18, 2006 23:37


Try follow...
Remove the Networwork Controller from your PC and take another PCI-Slot
for your graphig-card.

Set manuell your BIOS Information DEFAULT and reboot...
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Postby tryby » Sun Nov 19, 2006 19:11

Hello my network controller is fine, and if i change the PCI slot the same problem but the video is on board ... AGP on board ... (i can remove that if i broke the mainboard =)))
With the default settings in bios i tryed but noithing.
On the night i plugged off my pc and plugged out my battery .... in the morning i clean all the dust in my pc and in my power cource, i put everything where he was ... i turned it on and the same problems.
A friend tells me to upgrade my BIOS but my BIOS is too old and i think that newer updates won`t work on it :)
Thanks , and i waiting another advices.

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