PC Randomly Shuts Off

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PC Randomly Shuts Off

Postby Tor » Wed Oct 04, 2006 22:38

I've got a Scenic W620 PC. I get an error on startup saying:

"Expansion ROM not initialized - PCI Network Controller on Motherboard"
"Bus:07, Device:00, Function:88"

This error only comes up when I'm running a Radeon x1900 Crossfire Edt. I've tried running an Nvidia 6600 card (both are 512 ram, PCI-E) and this error does not come up then.

so Firstly, what is that error and how do I get rid of it?

On to my other problem. The computer randomly shuts off at times when the graphics card is strained. I'm thinking it's the PSU but I'm not sure. The shutdown is also render specific - whilst I'm playing HL2, there is a specific time at which the computer shuts off. It's when it's rendering an explosion (it might be worth noting that if I don't look at the explosion in that area, then it won't shut down - strange!) Other than that, it just shuts off when I've been playing a game for perhaps 1-2 hours.
Whilst installing the ATI Catalyst Drivers, I also found that it gives me an error saying Zero Display Service, which I don't know what means.

if it is the PSU, could you advice me on a mod that would fit the scenic w620 build so I could get some more power. If not, is there an available 500w PSU I could buy that would fit into the cabinet (seeing as the one that comes a standard is only 400w).

Thanks in advance :D

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