Scenic s2 Lan driver big problems! PLEASE HELP..

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Scenic s2 Lan driver big problems! PLEASE HELP..

Postby Clawsister » Thu Aug 03, 2006 10:53

I've just bought a second hand SCENIC S2 (i845G) as a net machine for the kids.

It arrived partially loaded with win 98. So I formatted the drive to install Win XP Pro

I have had SEVERAL problems!

1. No Lan as XP doesn't automatically install any!!!!!!! Downloaded drivers using another machine on my network and installed. Lan still doesn't work. AM I USING THE CORRECT DRIVER??? I am using the LAN [Intel Pro/1000 MT Desktop] Network adapter software. The onboard LAN drivers do not list this model in their compatability list on the support site. I tried them anyway and they didn't work either.....

2. Updated audio and video fine but is still showing a driver error on the USB. Doesn't seem to be a driver to solve this. When using a USB modem to try and connect to the net it repeatedly drops the line after a few seconds - the modem works fine on other machines.

3. Getting some weird errors after a clean install!!!! Now thats a new one to me! I'll worry about this later after sorting problem 1 out though as they don't appear related.

PLEASE HELP with option 1!! If you have one of these machines can you please confirm WHAT LAN DRIVER WORKS!!!!!

I'm tempted to send the machine back but I need it and it'll be huge amounts of hassle to do so - so I hoping one of you FS experts can please help...


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