Scenic D i845 with D1321 motherboard

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Scenic D i845 with D1321 motherboard

Postby mcbain791 » Mon Jul 03, 2006 12:35

I have a problem with my comuter, and I've been banging my head against the virtual wall for a few weeks now, and was hoping i might have some more joy on here.

My friend gave me his old (but still working) Scenic D i845 (with a D1321 mobo), minus the hard drive. Now this is where the problems begin. I know for certain that it needed a BIOS flash, but never got one, as he had no modem and was only contracted to dial-up (told him it'd cost pennies to upgrade to B.Band, but would he listen?). Now, I know the mobo ,CPU and everything else is fine & works, but here is the problem.

No matter what hard drive i put in, be in 98se/me/XP, it won't work.

It makes all the right noises, and I'm guessing it starts up into BIOS, but no matter what monitor I plug into the back, it won't pick up a signal from the graphics card.

Those familiar with this mobo know that it comes factory fitted with a 32mb graphics card in its agp slot, with no on-board graphics whatsoever.

I've tried re-setting the bios. I've tried putting in my hard drive from another computer with the graphics card drivers pre-installed on it. I've tried everything i can think of, and i'm 99.9% certain that there is nothing wrong with the computer at all;- the only thing i haven't tried is another graphics card, and I'm not sure it can take a 256mb card. Or even a 128mb one, at that.

Please,please,PLEASE can someone help me here? I'm going quite insane over this, you know........

wibble wibble.



Postby mcbain791 » Mon Jul 03, 2006 20:39

Nope, another graphics card hasn't worked. What the hell is going on?


Postby mcbain791 » Tue Jul 04, 2006 21:35

Seriuosly, no-one has a clue?


Postby mcbain791 » Wed Jul 05, 2006 21:28

Okay, then. Does anyone out there have the same comupter as this? You may be able to help me!

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