Problem adding second IDE disk to SCENIC X102 primary IDE

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Problem adding second IDE disk to SCENIC X102 primary IDE

Postby flintstone » Fri Jun 02, 2006 19:33

I am trying to add a second disk (a Seagate Baracuda ST380011A IDE disk) to the primary IDE channel of a recently purchased SCENIC X102. This new disk is identical to the supplied system disk except it has double its 40Gb capacity.

The disk is recognised by Windows XP (through Add New Hardware) and works fine once configured. Windows shows the system disk running in Ultra DMA Mode 5 and the new slave disk running in Multi Word DMA Mode 2, (although it is also capable of DMA mode 5?). However, it is not recognised by the BIOS, which means the Add New Hardware dialog in Windows must be executed at every reboot. A further point is the disk activity LED is solidly on until the disk is added to Windows thro the Add New Hardware dialog, after which the activity LED behaves normally.

I have configured the drives as both Cable Select and also in Master/Slave modes. I have swapped the IDE cable. When each drive is connected by itself, it is recognised perfectly OK, but when both drives are connected in any jumper mode (cable select or master/slave) only the master is recognised by the BIOS. The Seagate standalone disk diagnostics show that both disks, when connected alone, are working perfectly OK, but the Seagate standalone utility also only recognises the system master when both are connected.

My motherboard is a D2140-B2x and the BIOS level is BIOS Version/Date FUJITSU SIEMENS // Phoenix Technologies Ltd. 5.00 R1.11.2140.02, 19/09/2005.

The BIOS screens seem somewhat strange, because there seems to be no menu/parameters for auto detecting new additional IDE devices on the IDE channels and there seems to be nowhere for the related info to appear. Does this system actually support multiple IDE drives on each IDE channel?

I have added disks to many other systems before and never had any problems adding slave devices to IDE channels.

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