[T-Bird] Memory upgrade problem

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[T-Bird] Memory upgrade problem

Postby Norheim » Tue Dec 05, 2006 19:11

Have an old T-Bird (133 MHz, 256 MB SDRAM). It's getting very slow so I wanted to upgrade the memory and bought another 256 MB SDRAM (PC133 CL2). However, after mounting the it the machine is as slow as ever. Neither does it show anywhere (Control Panel->System) that it has more the the 256 MB RAM.

Does anybody know if this PC (Intel Celeron) with motherboard D00PG can really be upgraded with another 256 MB SDRAM.

Shouldn't it be very simple to upgrade memory? Cannot see that I have done anythng wrong. Except that the memory chip isn't the correct one!?

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Postby Demokritos » Wed Dec 06, 2006 0:13

Never heard of a computer called "T-Bird", but if it came with 256 MB RAM and there is a free RAM-slot next to the one in use, then I'm pretty sure you can stick an other 256 MB RAM-module there and thereby get a total of 512 MB RAM. But it's critical that you use the right kind of RAM-modules. If you get the wrong kind the computer won't recognize them and cannot use them. So, are you sure those new RAM-modules are of the same type as the old ones?
But generally, increasing the RAM does not automatically make everything faster. That depends on what kind of applications you're running. To make a SIMPLIFIED analogy, if I have understood it correctly myself: the computer is like a juggler - the size of the RAM dictates how many things it can juggle with at the same time (say five fruits), the speed of the processor dictates how fast it can juggle those things (say ten fruits per second), and the size of the harddisc dictates how many different things there can be to juggle with (say oranges, bananas and apples but no room for pears, pineapples etc). Different applications have different demands when it comes to RAM. Let's say that 256 MB RAM lets you keep five fruits in the air, but that you're only running pretty small and simple applications that require a two-fruits-in-the-air capacity. Doubling the RAM then won't do much good, since you're already work easily with what you got.
If your computer used to be faster than it is now there may be two other causes for it. First, over time, the files tends to get spread out over the harddisc in a way that slows the computer down. Solution: run a defragmentation programme (can take several hours on a big harddisc). Second, if you have many more programs running in the background in your computer now than you had at the beginning the new ones may require so much of the the computer's resources that there's considerably less power over for the other programs you're using. Solution: shut down all background programmes when they are not really needed. One example: Antivirus programmes can run in the background and reserve pretty much of the computer's processing power. Having such a programme on or off when playing a game, for instance, might make a notable difference for the performance of the game. Be careful when shutting down such background programmes, however, for many of them are very important. So, play it safe: if you cannot figure out if you need a particular programme that's running in the background, don't shut it down.
Another and more drastic way of freshening up things is to simply reinstall everything. Then the computer will be almost like new and therefore work almost like new. At least until you start loading it with all those extra programmes...
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Postby Norway » Wed Dec 06, 2006 20:08

If the ram is wrong you should have heard a piip sound or 2, or bluescreen. So my tip is to dubbelcheck that your new ram has been proper pushed into slot to be connected good. you often have to push with quite some power to get it into place. Just be sure that the ram is inserted the correct way. if this not work try the new ram in the slot you have used the other ram and try it alone. if this not work the ram is either wrong or damaged.

cleaning up your hard drive is another question and is not related to ram

But it will for sure increase operations.



Postby Norheim » Thu Dec 07, 2006 23:25

Thank you for answers! As mentioned my main concern is how to identify the memory upgrade, i.e. where do I look? This is still a mystery to me. The comment related to unsuccesfull installation, i.e. beeps or blue screen, was a confirmation of what I already know. I have also tried to switch slots. In fact, I now run with them them switched and it works OK. But as stated, no performance improvement.

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Postby Demokritos » Thu Dec 21, 2006 1:44

The way you stated having used to find info about the amount of RAM installed (Control Panel - System) is one of the two normal ways to arrive at the same screen (the other being right-clicking at "My Computer" and in the list there choose "Properties"). My guess is that if the new RAM is not shown there then the computer does not use the new RAM, but still works with the old alone. But I'm not sure if that's possible. Like I said before, are sure the new RAM is exactly of the same kind as the old?
Now the built-in system info is not very comprehensible. You can get software dedicated for analyzing the computer about its components free and downloadable on the net, e.g. "Fresh Diagnose". These programs give you a better picture of what's installed in your computer. All it may require to use them is that you register yourself as a user on their respective sites.
But, like I also said before, regardless of whether your new RAM works or not, upgrading RAM in this way is no guarantee for a faster computer.

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Re: T-Bird Memory upgrade problem

Postby apgle » Sat Jul 19, 2008 13:25

I have a old t bird plus originally pentium 3 750 mhz 64 mb ram 10 gb hard drive,i wanted to keep it running so i performed upgrades i went to website http://www.4allmemory.com, they have a function on there website called check my system which automatically scans your computer and provides motherboard name and compatible memory etc. if you get the motherboard name/code you can download manual from the motherboards manufacturers website to check component compatibilty etc. you can also get motherboard name by downloading freeware programs like cpuid or test my hardware or opening the case and looking for motherboard code inside, usually found in center of board above pci slots in bigger than normal text. when upgrading ram you must know the following (1) FREE MEMORY SLOTS ON THE MOTHERBOARD (2) THE MAXIMUM MEMORY THE MOTHERBOARD CAN HANDLE (3) THE MAXIMUM FREQUENCY IN MHZ THE MOTHERBOARD CAN TAKE , NOTE THE FASTER THE BETTER AND THE QUICKER YOUR PC WILL BE (4)THE TYPE OF RAM YOUR MOTHERBOARD TAKES
an example of this would be 2 slots free maximum ram 512mb.running 133 mhz using 168 pin sd ram. check motherboard manual for more info on the motherboard you are using.there are many different types of ram eg sd ram, ddr ram, ddr2 and ddr 3 ram of which are 168 pin, 240 pin etc. dont mix modules try buying two or more identical modules to provent future problems.if your motherboard has a maximum of for example 512 mb ram you should use two 256 mb modules. ANYWAY when i installed two 256mb ram modules in my t bird plus (msi 6178e motherboard)the bios only read 256mb (ALWAYS USE BIOS, OPERATING SYSTEMS CAN BE WRONG) i found out later that there is a jumper ( a connector that joins two pins together on the motherboard ) which disables the second ram slot in my motherboard. it was close to the memory slots and had text indicating its function. remove this jumper ( with power off )and reboot system the second module will work then check the bios for memory installed. your motherboard should read the combination of both slots now.
i changed my t bird plus to 1 ghz processor, 512mb ram ,160 hard drive ,128 mb graphics, installed usb 2 hub,installed ethernet hub. hope this helps

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