Problem about Graphics and Drivers of D1534?

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Problem about Graphics and Drivers of D1534?

Postby Happpy » Mon Jan 24, 2011 16:06

Hello, All!

I’ve bought a Fujitsu Siemens PC some days ago from a Computer Selling Market in Pakistan.
They said every computer comes here in containers that we import from all over the World. These are second-hand and already used computers. We then troubleshoot them and sell here in Pakistan.
They had Computers of different companies but I bought Fujitsu Siemens. Its specifications are as follows:

Enclosure Type: Mini-Tower
Board: FUJITSU SIEMENS D1534 S26361-D1534
Standard VGA Graphics Adapter [Display adapter] 82865
Memory: 1GB

Question 1:
So I’ve installed Windows 7 on this. Now I don’t know which grahic card would it support? I went to computing shops and they said your PC is required small AGP Graphic Card and we usually don’t keep these types of Cards.

So I’m in confusion. What are small 3D AGP Graphic Cards and what are big? But I’ve no concer over this. I only need a list of 3D AGP Graphic Card which can be easily fit in my PC. Please tell me the list of all 3D AGP graphic cards (compatible with Windows 7) that can be plug easily in my PC.

Question 2:
I’ve needed the graphic drivers of 82865 Display Adaptor. When I try to install these from Intel’s site then they say a newer version of display graphic are available but they say this error message instead of installing drivers:

A customized computer manufacturer driver is installed on your computer. The Intel Driver Update Utility is not able to update the driver. Installing a generic Intel driver instead of the customized computer manufacturer driver may cause technical issues. Contact your computer manufacturer for the latest driver for your computer.

So I need these graphics from Fujitsu Siemens. My previous graphic version is 6.1.7600.16385 at 6/21/2006.

I would be grateful to you if you solve my problem.


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