D1219 MoBo & 256 MB single or double sided memory) ?

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D1219 MoBo & 256 MB single or double sided memory) ?

Postby Jeppy » Thu Dec 21, 2006 23:36


I've a motherboard D1219, version S26361-D1219 and chipset model 815/G/EG//P/EP with 3 memorybanks.
As mentioned in the manual it's possible to put 3 bars of 256 MB single sided or 2 bars of 256 MB double sided.
The problem is the PC will not start with the 3 single sided bars. (the PC stops at the moment of the screen where I can choose for F2 or F12.
I know very well the 3 memory bars are good.
Does anybody know how I can solve this problem , please ?

I've BIOS version 4.06 Rev.1.16.1219, but I don't know if the bios upgrade to vers. 4.06 Rev.1.17 can help.
Otherwise, do I have to reset something in the Bios ?

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