D1875 two problems auto power on and dos sound card

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D1875 two problems auto power on and dos sound card

Postby kangarolf » Mon Oct 16, 2006 16:59

Hi all,

I have a D1875, upgrade to the latest BIOS. I have two issues.

Firstly I have set the bios to always be ON after a power loss. If I pull the cable then replace it the machine comes boots up as expected. If I leave the computer for a few hours off, when power is resumed it doesnt boot. I cant even get it to boot using the normal power swtich. I have to remove the battery (maybe it is low?) then replace it then boot it up using the power switch, after which it works as expected until the power is removed for a length of time.

Secondly I am trying to install am Ensoniq pci sound card under dos. I have all the correct drivers and I am initialising and installing the minimum. My config and auto are shown below;

device=c:dosemm368.exe noems /verbose

set blaster=A220 I5 D1 H7 P330 T6
set sbpci=c:dosdrv

When the sound card attempts to initalise I get the following error;

"PCI Audio @ Port 1400, IRQ 10
error:Coiuld not allocate code/patch RAM below 4 Mbyte boundary. Try
loading APINIT.COM before SMARTDRV.EXE or minimising VDISK RAM. PCI
audio driver NOT loading."

Any help greatly appreciated, thanks

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