D1325 in combination with big hard disks

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D1325 in combination with big hard disks

Postby michao11 » Thu Mar 22, 2007 19:23

D1325 PC
- Hard disk replaced with 160GB Western Digital Caviar 7200RPM due to previous disk-crash.
- BIOS update to 4.06 1.08

I could not install XP on the hard disk. The system re-booted each time.
I could install XP on a 30GB Maxtor. I took a GHOST of this install and tried to restore it on the 160GB WD, following error appears on boot (in Dutch):

"Windows kan niet worden gestart vanwege en schijfconfiguratie probleem in de computer. Kan de geselecteerd opstartdiskette niet lezen. Controleer het pad naar de opstartlocatie en controleer de schijfapparatur. Controleer de Windows-documentatie over schijfconfiguratie en uw hardwarehandleidingen voor meer informatie."

In short, this means the system does not find any MBR.

I've tried the same with a 120GB Maxtor, same problem.

I've changed the BIOS setting for LBA Translation Mode: LBA, CHS, PTL, but this does not change things.
The 120GB and 160GB HDD's are working perfectly fine in another pc. Even, when connected as SLAVE, they can be accessed on the Fujitsu Siemens PC.

You need V4.06.1.08 of the BIOS to access HDD > 139GB is mentioned somewhere. But this is already flashed to the BIOS!


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