Help with a scenic - d1381 rev A11 motherboard

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Help with a scenic - d1381 rev A11 motherboard

Postby craigh » Wed Jun 27, 2007 16:25

I have been upgrading my Old scenic for my 14 year old son to use for his GCSE coursework (I don't want him to limit my time on my main PC ;-)

I have a 2.8/512/533 Northwood that should run in this board according to the specs, but it doesn't. When I install this I get XP running OK but the speed is only 1.6GHz. CPU-Z agrees this is right. Worringly, the core voltage reported by CPU-Z is 3.9V !!

I have updated the bios to 1.06 and updated with the latest microcode patch but it still won't work.

Anyone have any ideas? :cry:

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Postby Cybertronic » Wed Jun 27, 2007 20:09

Hello, I believe it is a multiplikator problem.

533FSB x 3 = 1600 Mhz (266x6) -> default on your PC
533FSB x 5.25= 2800 Mhz(266 x 10,5) -> optimal

Try to find a hint in your BIOS setup or users manual (mainboard)

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