Warrenty experiences?

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Warrenty experiences?

Postby steevwatson » Tue Feb 20, 2007 17:14

What are everyone’s experiences when dealing with fujitsu-siemens tech support?

I have sent my laptop away for repair under the 3 year warranty three times now in as many weeks. All three have been for a fault with the wireless card. Every time i have received the laptop back the wireless has worked for around 5 minutes then it breaks again.

I received the laptop back this morning for the third time and it still doesn’t work. Obviously I’ll have to call tech support again but to you think its time I ask for a replacement? I've had the laptop just over a year and i live in the UK if that makes a difference.



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Warranty Experiences

Postby ywl197 » Wed Feb 21, 2007 11:11

I have had a similar problem with Wifi not working - RTB - worked for a few weeks and then now not working again.

Apparently the last time it was a software problem..... not sure about yours.. but am probably looking to be sending it back to FSC again..

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