BAD Fujitsu-Siemens service

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BAD Fujitsu-Siemens service

Postby navypeter » Wed Feb 07, 2007 14:44

I bought Fujitsu-Siemens laptop a month ago, (Serial Nr. YSAP003883). The Mic-phone never worked since first day I bought it, DVD drive makes big noise. The shop refused to change to new one. I send to service for reparing, they told me it takes for 2 weeks.
I cannot believe Fujitsu-Siemens needs to repare such a small problem with two week, unless they got many laptops for reparing.
I need to work with my computer and I had to cancel the repair today.
Guys, donot buy Fujitsu-simens unless you ask them the detailed refund or service info.
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Postby jingo2000 » Wed Feb 07, 2007 15:16


Can I ask why when the Microphone did not work from day one did you not inform your reseller. they would have to replace it is DOA and you would have got a new laptop.

Waiting a month means you have gone past the DOA period and you have to have it repaired as per the warranty agreement.

If you did report it within the DOA period then it is your reseller and not FSC who have let you down. a reseller has to replace the unit if it is within the DOA period. From my experience many resellers will deny this as it costs them money and time in getting replacement.

Did the DVD drive not work from new as well?

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All have been done, I have purchased 5 FS laptops,

Postby navypeter » Wed Feb 07, 2007 15:33

Great, there is someone at least noticed my case!
Our company(company I have worked for), we acctually give high impression to FS laptops.
I have recently purchased another new one to my employee, now I knew I made wrong decision.
As you said, I actually sent to the shop I purchased after one week, (I especially asked them when i bought it, within 14 days I could ask to replace to new one if something wrong). so I went to there within 7 days only, they told:"oh, there is something wrong with DVD and micphone,we cannot give you new one, because the box has been opened, if you didnot open the package, within 14 days, i give you a new one", Stupid right??
Ok I then told them I could add 400 euros more buy a more expensive one, and get the 7 days old computer returned, of cos, i couldnot as you know, so, only thing is repair, I sent to them yesterday, was thinking it takes 2 or 3 days, but today, when i called and confirm, they said 2 weeks. So I have to cancel the repair, because I cannot wait for 2 weeks, need to work.
FS computer is ok, but service/refund/replace is so bad, bad service reputation may destroy sells. at least, our company and friends will NOT be recommend to buy anymore,

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Fujitsu Service [or the lack of it !]

Postby Frankvdk » Mon Mar 19, 2007 15:17

I fully agree that the service is lacking.
They stick too the book too much and are loosing a lot of goodwill, but that's their management problem.

And, yes probably they have a lot of computers to repair.

But indeed, why wait that long? I used to work for Gateway computers; if one could imagine how many computers have to be shipped visa versa over the world...(collect and return) two weeks is not too bad!
It is most likeley not next door, where it goes.


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