HDD performance

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HDD performance

Postby cris2d2 » Tue May 16, 2006 18:48

Does anybody know if a large capacity 2.5" hdd (let's say 160 GB or 120GB) is faster than a smaller hdd (40, 80 GB)? Of course, I talk about the same hdd series (for example, seagate momentus 5400.3 80 gb and 5400.3 160 gb).

I've heard somewhere that a large capacity hdd is faster in performance than a smaller capacity hdd.

I want to replace my hdd (seagate 4200 RPM, 80GB) with a faster one (thought about seagate 5400.3, 80 GB), and i've found reviews on the internet about seagate 5400.3, but only the maximum production capacity (160GB), and it was impressive. Should these benchmark specs be the same for the smaller capacity hdd?

Does anybody installed in their laptop a seagate momentus 5400.3 hdd, or a samsung spinpoint 5400 RPM hdd? If someone knows the difference in preformance, heating, between these drives, please, share your opinion.


Postby QaZaX » Thu May 18, 2006 15:41

ok the speed of the drive is measured by the rpm (rotations per minute) therefore the 5400rpm hard drives spin faster and therfore read/write data faster than 4200rpm hard drives. desktop hdds are usually 7200rpm and it is possible to get that speed in a laptop but they use more power (that is the reason for units shipping with slower hdds, so that they achieve longer battery life) if its speed you are after go for a hdd with higher rpm than your current one. the performance of a hdd is also affected by the buffer size typically ranging from 1meg to 8meg. but all you need to know is ythat the bigger buffer, the better it is! dont forget that overall system performance can be increased by putting more ram in as well. im not sure about any heat issues with faster drives, but i dont think u would notice much difference.

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