xp installation/formatting issues

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xp installation/formatting issues

Postby tortohibee » Mon Mar 06, 2006 19:17

hello all i am not very computer literate and i re-installed xp sp2 . when i get the option fast/quick for formatting the hard drive or (not fast/quick). i get to about 14% then is just stops in the slow mode. get a message cannot delete file bla bla bla. the only way i can get my system working is choosing the quick mode and carrying on the installation. however this only lasts for about 2 days then xp just crashes get messages like "delayed write failed". i know the problem must lie with formatting the hard drive in the installation of xp and i need to do it in slow mode ( i think). anyhelp or links would be much appreciated . also after the slow formatting stops i get a message that i have to disable shadowing/caching in bios . again i am not very computer literate and i dont know how to do this anyway . can i fix this problem from home or do you think i should take it to pc world to get fixed. my system is the amilo m3438g

thanks for any assistance


Postby tortohibee » Tue Mar 07, 2006 14:21

can anybody help me out with the above. even if you tell me how i access bios to change the setting for caching/shadowing looked all over the net and i cant find the info about how to do this

thanks again. also tried checking disc for errors in the dard drive properties and defrag in xp to resolve the issue. its driving me nuts as i keep having to install windows in the quick formatt only. will i need to buy a new hard drive or can it be repaired please help!!!



Postby Warsong » Sat Mar 11, 2006 7:35

It sounds like your HD is buggered. IIRC it costs a lot to fix, more so if it's SATA, so it's probably going to be easier just to buy a new one.

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