vertical pink lines,pixelation ATI RADEON

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vertical pink lines,pixelation ATI RADEON

Postby javed » Thu Jul 01, 2010 14:49

okay if anyone has got magical vertical pink lines,dots moving around your screen with different activities here is a solution. PLZ NOTE:
1. if these screen problems dissappear when you are out of WINDOWS there are high possibilities the problem is software related.
2.If these screen problems disappear temporarily after a restart or powering ON after hours.and reappear after sumtime.
OR if the problems seem to minimize if hardware accelaration is OFF or decreased.

for problem no.1 if software related issue there are various solutions like:
*download nd update latest driver...after cleaning any defective drivers
if installd.
*chek bios GPU agp settings.
*download install latest DIRECT compatibility with your system.
*format nd reinstall OPERATING SYSTEM is the last issue.

now we come to da bigger problm if 2.hardware problm due to ur laptop cover:
*chek if da cooling fan is working properly.chek if da heat sink is in proper contact with da gpu.if not unscrew the heatsink and gently pull it careful u may break nd destroy the chip with excess force.if doesnt open yet try setting the smd heatgun to a temp. of 250^c.heat the heatsink for a while nd thn try.
*after removing heat sink. check, get a magnifying glass and check for any burnt component.leaking smd capacitor.usually reseating the GPU using the smd heatgun will do the trick.
*if that dint help desolder the smd caps on the grafx chip.get a capapcitance tester chk the capacity and replace (solder)1 by 1 in the same position.the smd tantalium caps usually dont hav polarity so solder them any is if u can get a service manual or schematic drawng of the u dont hav to keep checking the capacitance of all of dem. u wil get the values from ther.
*aftr all dese finally get sum thermal paste nd apply on the copper part of the gpu and fit b
ack the heat sink...
these kinds of problems might also be bcoz of bad memory modules in that case u hav to replace with a new compatible gpu chip.
plz note none of these solutions must be tried except part 1(software relatd) IF U ARE STILL UNDER WARRANTY.respected service centrs mst be givn da headache u dont deserve!
i wantd to share my experience taking in mind it might be helpful to you people.PLZ DNT MAKE ME responsible if it doesnt workout or in case of any accidents.simply do at your own curious.. and plz a simple thks wil mean a lot dis ws helpful 2 any1.TC.peace..

Posts: 9
Joined: Thu Jun 24, 2010 13:51
Product(s): amilo m1424

Re: vertical pink lines,pixelation ATI RADEON

Postby javed » Thu Jul 01, 2010 14:52

I hav typed this thing from my old cell-phone therefore a lot of shortwords were used which seem like spelling mistakes.Plz post if anything is not clearly understood..Thanks.

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