SIEMENS SCENIC MOBILE 300 upgrade: boardsettings;max RAM/CPU

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SIEMENS SCENIC MOBILE 300 upgrade: boardsettings;max RAM/CPU

Postby modus » Wed Feb 21, 2007 6:26

Hi to all,

I wonder if someone has an idea.. I got a rather vintage notebook Siemens Nixdorf Scenic 300 (CPU Pentium I 120 MHz; 24 MB EDO RAM 3,3V 60 ns; Phoenix Notebios 4.05). I'm planning an upgrade (RAM; CPU), as it is still very nice..

Unfortunately, neither the manual nor Siemens support team could tell me which CPU>120 Mhz might work (Pentium I up to 166 Mhz should, I reckon?!), not to mention the board-settings. There is a DIP-switch onboard (consisting of 8 single switches) and one cannot enter any CPU-settings via the BIOS. Can anyone help?

It says on the board:

GERBER 8_791 059G
P/N: KK101804

Then, I`m not quite sure about the max. RAM yet. Manual says it is 40 MB (internal 8 plus 2x16), but some online-shops offer 2x32=64 MB-kits (so, max. of 72 MB), pretending it works. I wonder whats correct, now.

Thanks for any help,


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