mobile 500 new hard drive problem

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mobile 500 new hard drive problem

Postby lucien » Thu Apr 06, 2006 17:40

I try to install a new 30GB hard drive on my Mobile 500. It has a 100Mhz pentium CPU and had a 2GB drive installed.

The problem is that when a partition is ready on the drive, MS-DOS or PC-DOS floppies freeze when first accessing the drive (before the prompt).

I also used a small linux boot floppy ( with ethernet support that boots correctly. I format the disk VFAT with this linux, transferred a 800MB file on it without problems. So, I think there is no hardware problem.

The other solution to make the drive work with MS-DOS (ver. 7), was to set the cylinder number in BIOS to 1024 (drive: 528MB).

I used the drive manufacturer's floppy to limit the size of the disk to 7999MB (the newest BIOS update only sees 8.5GB). No difference.

Anyone has an idea? :?

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