Foturo S900 won't turn on

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Foturo S900 won't turn on

Postby NicolaiVdS » Tue Apr 02, 2019 10:49


I just got a Foturo S900 and it won't power on when I plug in the power the power button lights up and does nothing even when I press the button is does nothing, when an ethernet cable is plugged in the status lights light up, also the cpu starts to get warm when the psu is connected

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Re: Foturo S900 won't turn on

Postby Ask Fujitsu » Mon Apr 06, 2020 9:32

Hello and thank you for contact!
Please provide a valid serial number of device.
What is the connection with external monitor?
Did you check with different monitor?
Was the device repaired or modify in any way?
Was the device working before the issue? If yes, what are the circumstances when it stopped working?
Are there any beep sounds or power led blinking pattern?
What is the power supply? (20V/40W or 20V/65W - is it original power supply?)
What was the operating system installed on device?
Is there any data to recover from the device?

Thank you.

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