[ST6012] Bild Protector

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[ST6012] Bild Protector

Postby Kraklok » Tue May 19, 2009 20:35


Ich sprache nicht Deutch, Entschuldigung für der Nachricht auf Englisch :oops:

First, I post here because the french support cannot help and it seems only this forum has a reference to Stylistic ST6012...

I own a ST6012 and I bought the screen protector (reference : S26391-F2592-L760 as stated in the "ST6012 Accessories" PDF).
My question is how to install it ?

The screen protector (SP) and the screen are not on the same level, so if I put it, I cannot use the pen to touch the screen on the borders :?
Here is a picture of my problem :

Last but not least, the SP is not glued at the border and then cannot stay in place... :(

Is there any tip to install that screen protection ?

Thank you in advance, Danke schön :)

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