Problems with SmartCaseLogon+_V3.0.3 on Celsius H700

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Problems with SmartCaseLogon+_V3.0.3 on Celsius H700

Postby rullmann » Fri Sep 23, 2011 14:57

Hi experts,

my boss uses a Celsius H700 and want to login with fingerprint.
As administrator (local and domainadmin) it works fine. As normal
user i can register and verifying my fingerprints successfully but when
i lock the workstation and want to unlock it (with the verified fingerprint)
i got the error message (german: "Ihr Fingerabdruck stimmt mit keinem
gespeicherten Fingerabdruck überein") - "Your fingerprint doesn't match
with any stored fingerprint" . The same with OS-Logon. Putting the
DomainUser into the local admin group don't solve the problem.
Any ideas??

Domain-Controller: Windows 2003 Ent. SP2
Client: Fujitsu Clesius H700 - Windows XP 32bit
Authentec Fingerprint AES2550
The user is the only one at this machine and don't work at/ with other

Any help is very appreciated. Thanks a lot.

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Re: Problems with SmartCaseLogon+_V3.0.3 on Celsius H700

Postby sabrex » Fri Sep 30, 2011 16:58

Complete guess but on the on the smartcase login cd - Fingerprint Readme.txt theres this section which for some reason may be the reason.

New users have to be administered in the following way:
First a logon and subsequent logoff has to be carried out for the user. By
doing this a user profile is set up, which OS Logon Smarty Administration can access.
Then the required user options have to be set by an administrator.
Now, the user can modify his own options, provided his current user options
allow this.

? sorry but ive only glanced through an intial setup and exited when i see i need all kinds of passwords and linked into bios password.

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