Fingerprint Reader Problem

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Fingerprint Reader Problem

Postby siavash.babaei » Wed Jul 22, 2009 11:20


Just to review some relevant info

1. I have a H270
2. Windows VISTA x64
3. My Fingerprint Reader is Authentech AES2550
4. The software is Smartcase Logon+ 2.2.1.

Now, I used to get the error message "This is an old or corrupted fingerprint data" when I wanted to record my fingerprint data and verify/store. After I uninstalled and reinstalled the driver and softwares, I am getting the error message "Biometric Function Failed". Any ideas on how to deal with the problem are more than welcome.

Regards & Thanx

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Re: Fingerprint Reader Problem

Postby CelsiusUser » Thu Jul 23, 2009 9:25


I had the same Problem with my Celsius H265 and Vista x64.
You need to use Smartcase Logon+ 2.3.0. Older Versions of the Software are not x64 compatible.
I would contact the FTS Support.

Smartcase Logon+ 2.3.0 is working here perfectly on my H265.



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