[H250] problems - summary of experiences

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[H250] problems - summary of experiences

Postby laptop_user » Mon Aug 11, 2008 13:03

Hello. I want to know if anyone out there have experienced trouble with their H250 laptops ?
After having bought around 30 machines, we see some users have problems.
Some of the machines restart randomly, some restart when 2nd USB is connected
of in docking position, some have low battery capacity (less than 1 hour) or problems with charging.
Config: Vista Ultimate, Bitlocker encrypted drive. DeskUpdate and Vista SP1 has been applied,
but still problems. Are we the only ones with these problems or have you seen similiar symptoms ?

Any feedback or advise on how to fix these issues are very welcome !

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Re: H250 problems - summary of experiences

Postby amater » Mon Aug 11, 2008 22:27

If you have your H250s in docking stations and if they restart, you might want to check if you're using the correct AC adapter. As far as I can remember you have to use the 100W AC adapter when you're using the docking station, and an 80W AC adapter when you're not using the docking station.

Also I think that H250 had some issues with overheating and as we all know that can also lead to restarts. You might want to check your installed BIOS version and update it if it's not the latest.
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Re: [H250] problems - summary of experiences

Postby sonlc » Fri Aug 15, 2008 7:51

My H250 also random restart and Blue screen.
If I use Bios v1.11, I will play game but I can use any word processing or normal software long time.
If I use Bios v1.14, I will not use any program long time.
This problem is same as with any laptop which have Nvidia graphic card , but I don't know why Fujitsu don't want to update graphic driver .
It's very stranger because other company have presented a lot of driver update such as Dell, Hp or Lenovo.

http://i.nconspicuo.us/2007/01/01/displ ... recovered/
http://www.driverheaven.net/driver-clea ... vered.html
http://www.technologyquestions.com/tech ... g-fix.html

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Re: [H250] problems - summary of experiences

Postby sonlc » Wed Sep 17, 2008 18:08

Pls change new update of graphic driver to right version windows vista.
Now when I choice windows vista 32 bit , it is still windows vista 64 bit ...
Why this update FSC_NVidiadisplaydriver_71511759717597_1026686 use for windows vista 64 bit ?

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