[Celsius]Installing Safeguard Easy on Laptop with 2harddisks

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[Celsius]Installing Safeguard Easy on Laptop with 2harddisks

Postby knb » Fri Mar 30, 2007 7:34

I have on Celsius 240 with two hard disk drives. One is fixed, the other one is removable (using cd-rom bay).
I have problems installing Safeguard Easy (SGE)on this computer.
The reason, it seems, is that SGE can only be installed on drive 0.
The removable disk on this computer is recognized as drive 0.
According to some discussion forums, the solution is to try and change IDE cables, but this is not straight forward on a laptop.
Is there any solution on this problem.
I don't want the operation system insalled on the removable disk.

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