BT and Wi-Fi on CELSIUS H210 notebook?

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BT and Wi-Fi on CELSIUS H210 notebook?

Postby vas » Mon Sep 11, 2006 11:43

Hello all,

did a quick check on the archive, couldn't find anything so I'm asking here, apologies if it's been discussed earlier.

I have a Celsius H210 nb now for almost 2 years, no problems with it, but lately we're switching to wi-fi here at the uni and I need a solution.
Checking the devices (running XP pro SP2 with all patches installed), it seems that this nb hasn't got BT or wi-fi (although there is switch at the front of the machine! and I had ordered it with wi-fi support)

Is that true, or could it be "hidden" so to speak until the "proper" driver is installed?
If that is the case, where's the driver :)
If that's not the case, is it possible to install it as an option (following a visit to FS tech. here in Greece) or I'm better off with a PCMCIA card?



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Postby shtraue » Mon Sep 11, 2006 12:59

Wi-fi switch on notebook, does not mean necessarily that it has wifi-module in it, but sure you can try installing drivers for it and see if the wifi hardware is there, but is not regognized yet or listed as an unidentified device. And I suppose FSC tech service should be providing service to install that module, if you don't have it.

As for the question with which solution, - built-in or PCMCIA you would be better off, I found this thread, which you might consider - Card vs. built-in.


Postby vas » Mon Sep 11, 2006 14:50

Thanks for the quick reply!

Problem is that I tried to install s/w for wi-fi (from the FS website) but to no avail.
Furthermore, I do not have any unrecognised devices in my device manager (you know the ones with the ?/!)

So it looks like I don't have wi-fi or bt on this mobile...

I'll call FSC staff here in Greece tomorrow to find out /if and how much it costs to add it.



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