H230 ATI Display driver - dual screen

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H230 ATI Display driver - dual screen

Postby inexhaustibility » Tue May 02, 2006 15:40

I have a problem with using an external display and the one from the Notebook (W2K) at the same time (large display support).
When buying the H230 as an AutoCAD workstation I was not pleased
having an ATI card as we are using Nvidia at all other stations.
But I checked the ATI and Fujitsu Siemens page for drivers first.
I found on the FSC page the latest driver version 8.163.1 which was stated
at ATI :
"This release introduces large desktop support for dual output FireGL™ products. This support allows for the operating system to see the display output as a single large display. This allows for the operating system's task bar to stretch across both of the connected display devices."

So I thought fine, it will also work.

But the FSC driver does not ! I didnt had that problem with an old Notebook (not FSC) with an 64 MB Nvidia Card where I had 3200 x 1200
resolution. Now I have a new 256 FireGL and it is not possible ?
Currently ATI has driver version 8.223 out which is certified for AutoCAD 2007.

When does FSC produces a new driver version out of 8.223 (support for AutoCAD 2007) which supports large desktops (dual screen) ???

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