How to set CPU freq

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How to set CPU freq

Postby marioboro » Sun Jan 01, 2006 19:29

I have a Celius H230.
When it is pluged in for charging the CPU freq works at 800mhz although the proccesor is at 2Ghz and when not charging works 400 mhz.
Does fujitsi provide anaplicatin to control cpu power, screen backlight and other performance options depending on the state of the battery?

Thank you for your help :D


Postby JTRIP » Sun Jan 01, 2006 19:42

They dont, unless you download unofficial tools like notebook hardware control or others the acpi control must be done throught windows xp power schemes.

According to the data you provide, your CPU throttles from 800mhz at 6x to 2ghz at probably 16x. If you never see the cpu go beyond 800mhz even under heavy load then probabl you have enabled the "max battery" power scheme of windows xp. The 400mhz frecuency is probably achieved trought fsb division by 2, and its pretty much useless since it really harms the performance and doesnt much from the thermal and battery saving perspective, since the CPU works at the same voltages.

My recommendation is that you download the wonderful Notebook hardware control tool by Manfred Jaider , wich overrides the power schemes and offers a wide functionality, such as undervolting, customiced Speedstep settings, and, if supported by your hardware, fan control.

Regarding to the brightness thing, probably your laptop changes it using a fn+ F keys combination as most fujitsu laptops.

Hope this helps a bit, but even more i hope fujitsu siemens provides a decent tool that eliminates the need for non official software.



Postby marioboro » Sun Jan 01, 2006 21:13

The software you mentioned works great...although it is not not from fujitsu...

Thanks! :)


XP x64

Postby Dwibbly » Tue Jan 10, 2006 13:00

Sounds good, does it support Windows XP x64 as it is 64bit?

I have a A1667G 2.6Ghz which shows 800Mhz and won't play Call Of Duty 2 in multiplayer but will in single, then I notice the 800Mhz and thought, oh, I see.

So I shall try this but 64bit??



Postby marioboro » Tue Jan 10, 2006 21:40

The probleam in multiplayer is caused by the game and not pbye the cpu.

I have done some documentaion.
The intel based laptop has an option in bios that is called speedstep and it automaticly sets the cpu freq according to the need of cpu power and also if its is plgued in a charger or not. It is set by defaul for best performance if the charger is pluged in and battery optimized if there is no charger. You can play with the option in bios/cpu/speedstep and see what option feets you best. You will se the if run a stress test or do something that requiers cpu power the frequnce will go for max :)
To enter bios setup press F2 while starting computer.

I don't use the aplication i mentioned before because the laptop has an aplication for monitor brightness and cpu control from bios. The only problem left for me is that the battery only lasts an hour...

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