Fresh Re-install WIN7 on Q550 after WIN8 Trial

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Fresh Re-install WIN7 on Q550 after WIN8 Trial

Postby rmm1 » Sun Dec 04, 2011 4:19

I installed the WIN 8 Dev Preview on the Q550 and I have to say the PEN input software is unbelievably better with WIN 8. Unfortunately everything else is sluggish and there are quite a few bugs with WIN 8 in that format.

So I was hoping to very simply re-install WIN 7 pro. BUT WHAT A NIGHTMARE!!

The problem is that you must use the RECOVERY DISCS (which I do have along with the Fujitsu DVD drive) but when you go into recovery mode you cannot use the pen. So to use a USB Keyboard you lose connection with the DVD drive.

For a fresh re-install - sadly you have to use the RECOVERY Tools on the Boot disc and not the recovery partition on the drive.
So I am in a real catch 22 situation.

Has anyone here had to do this.

Again sadly the TECH support people simply have no idea how to do this. and have passed me onto a TECH company instead.

Will I have to get the Q550 dock? I am happy to do that if it means I will be able to get the recovery process going but has anyone got any other ideas on this?

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Re: Fresh Re-install WIN7 on Q550 after WIN8 Trial

Postby Caretaker » Mon Dec 05, 2011 10:43


if the operating system of a device without odd will be deleted it should be thought about how to reinstall this os..
But now lets see how to reinstall your device.

Depending on the Q550 modell you have, the device is equipped with a HDBR partition. I hope you did not format this partition.
If your device is equiped with it (64 GB SSDD) use the following instruction to get the operating system installed ... M&Todo=FAQ

If you do not have this partition but have a recovery disc or a USB-Windows 7 Stick you should use a USB-Portreplicator or the DockingStation of the device to use USB/ODD at the same time as a Mouse/Keyboard. But as fare as i know the touchscreen should even work while reinstalling the device. But it might be that this is only available by reinstalling with the recovery partition.

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