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Stylistic 3500

Postby doushka » Wed Nov 02, 2011 20:09

Hi All, who's up for a challenge with a newbie with a Stylistic 3500?

My problem is that this machine stalls on boot with a 'hal.dll' error and doesn't go any further. It has worked ok prior to this happening but I can't remember anything which might give any pointers as to why I am getting the error.

I have a disk caddy USB-2.5SI with the Stylistic hdd installed in it. I had hoped to be able to reinstall Win 2000 on this from my desktop and then put the hdd back in the Stylistic as I have no dock. However, my Windows 7 desktop setup does not recognise the caddy no matter what I do.

I am stuck as to what to do now to get a boot.

I am happy to work with any knowledgeable soul who can offer some help and advice.

doushka :( :( :(

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