t900 SIDE KEYS question

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t900 SIDE KEYS question

Postby mb3d » Mon Aug 22, 2011 12:26

actually i don't have a Lifebook yet but i am going to buy one ...maybe t900 or t730
i use Zbrush so much and it needs alt and shift keys at least to work.... with control key it will be perfect
I want to know can i customize the side keys to alt and shift key ??? when it rotated and closed

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Re: t900 SIDE KEYS question

Postby Caretaker » Wed Aug 24, 2011 7:41


it is possible to customize some of the side keys with ALT and/or SHIFT.
The following keys can be customized

Key 1
Key 2
Key A (if the Fn Key has been pressed the Key 1 function will change to the Key A function)
Key B (see above)
FN Key

Also the following options are possible

Set "Key 1" to action "CTRL"
Set "Key 1" to action "CTRL+SHIFT"
Set "Key 1" to action "CTRL+SHIFT+I" (don't know this shortcut but also shortcuts with 3 keys are possible to set up)

What is not possible:
Set "Key 1" to action "CTRL+ALT+ENTF" (if you try to set this the computer will only open the taskmanager"

I tried this with T900 and Windows XP. W7 should have the same options.

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