[ST5112] Windows installation failed

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[ST5112] Windows installation failed

Postby Purzelkater » Thu Sep 09, 2010 17:59

I hhave a ST5112 and no problems so far. But now I would like to make a clean installation of Win XP, but every time on Windows setup I get a bluescreen with error STOP: 0x0...07B. Well, as far as I know it is a problem with the hdd controller.

Well, the controller is on enhanced mode (BIOS setting) and the harddrive was working without problems expect now on the setup. But if I set the controller to compatible mode the setup has no error.

Now my questions:
Is it normal, the setup of Windows XP Tablet PC Edition 2005 (installation from DVD) faild with bluescreen on enhanced mode?
Can I switch back to enhanced mode after XP was installed (because it was set by default so far)?

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Re: [ST5112] Windows installation failed

Postby sabrex » Thu Sep 09, 2010 22:47

hmm if AHCI is enabled in the bios then xp will blue screen this should be disabled.

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Re: [ST5112] Windows installation failed

Postby rugubara » Thu Mar 24, 2011 20:32

You need a floppy and a text-mode driver for AHCI controller to install WinXP. I'm not sure if FJ provides one.

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