Tablet PCs with 14" Display?

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Tablet PCs with 14" Display?

Postby ashleynathomas » Thu Feb 25, 2010 11:19

I'am searching for tablets wth a 14" display.
My mother has a Tecra M4.
It now defect. The intern LCD will now not more found in System.
Only the extern Monitor on VGA out.

She worries too little work (less than 14 inches).
They temporarily used a 12 ". She says it would be too small.
But she seems to cope with it.
A 12 "may be acceptable if one could make the font in the browser permanently larger. Or in some emails.

Which tablet with 14 "are there?
Preferably slates. Detachable keyboard would be good.
But is not mandatory.
From about ~1.5 Ghz upwards, but cheap used items. Sufficient for Windows 7
Examples: ST4121W, ~ 1Ghz/768M, Windows 7 is a bit slow but usable. But it should be more.

Thanks... :)

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