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Forum activity?

Posted: Sat Dec 26, 2009 1:45
by -=Mr B=-
I might have been assuming to much, and it is after all holidays, but com on.
In the "English speaking forum", more specifically in the section for "Notebooks and Tablet PCs" and the subcategory "Older products" it's been 5 days, and a fairly straight forward question was asked, by myself, and it has as of yet, gone unanswered. I can hear you guys go "oh com on" but seriously. There is a pretty much identical question posted July 22, that received 168 views, and no responses. Yes. I can easily figure out that most, if not all the 168 views were regular users, and the question being technical requires someone that has access to the motherboard specs of the A7600 to verify CPU support, and acknowledge if his upgrade hopes are to be condemned to eternal doom, or if it is possible to upgrade in the way he hopes to. In my own case i included what little info the diagnostics software on the site gives you, and yes, this other fella failed to do that, so if the A7600 came with multiple motherboard configurations his upgrade question might be hard to answer, but honestly, how likely is that.

How about mods actually taking the time to flag posts they cant answer them self, and we might see if some other source might turn up to provide the information, coz as it stands now, this forum is pretty much relying on it's users helping one and other only, and anything outside the framework that users actually can answer goes unanswered. At that rate, the forum is a kick in the face for anyone with hardware they actually enjoyed, and want to keep. Or, if i were to put it in other words. If i, or the other fella i mentioned earlier had to go buy a new laptop... You think either of us would get a Fujitsu?

Technology solutions, right. Right now, the older products section at least, looks like tech-neglect, if anything.

Re: Forum activity?

Posted: Sat Jan 16, 2010 20:36
by -=Mr B=-
Funny. I reported the post above when i made it. Now, 10 days short of a month later someone actually managed to close the report ticket. Still not as much as a whisper in the thread tho. This forum just got upgraded. From a waste of time, to a total waste of time.

Re: Forum activity?

Posted: Thu Nov 04, 2010 12:38
by mimseycal
I wish I had looked on this forum before buying a Fujitsu PC. I certainly would have taken my money elsewhere. I'll never buy another Fujitsu product again!

Re: Forum activity?

Posted: Thu Nov 04, 2010 13:36
by -=Mr B=-
Sadly i would have to agree. Now, i rarely buy computer hardware new, and hence have to do with whatever i buy second hand or get gifted, but on the other hand i rarely need support. I keep being stupid enough to look to the manufacturer for tech resources, but generally speaking i don't "need" the forums. I came here, and registered, for the purpose of finding out what upgrades was possible to put in my laptop. With no response i went on, and today the laptop has the third fastest CPU supported by the hardware (hey, the fastest one is 5 times the price, and the second fastest i haven't found at all) and twice the memory it's stated to support. So, for me, it turned out fairly well either way.

Re: Forum activity?

Posted: Thu Sep 22, 2011 21:23
Dear all, unfortunately what you all describe here is somewhat true.
And for that we sincerely apologise.

However, also be aware that this forum was not setup as a Fujitsu support mechanism.
A forum like this is there for users to discuss aspects of their products, make suggestions and generally help each other.
And be honest, in no internet forum are all questions posted answered 100%.

Where we can we will try to help, but it would be mistaken for users of the forum to think that any and all questions asked here
are automatically answered by Fujitsu Support employees. Infact if you scroll to the bottom of the screen, you will find a "Support"-button which will take you to an more official web page dealing with Fujitsu Support options.

If you have a genuine complaint, send the appropriate moderator a (private) message. They are not generally support members, but perhaps they can help or try to find an internal Fujitsu channel to get help for you.

But always remember, that for consumer product, the shop which sold you the product is the first point of contact you should use to get your answer! For business users, well you should have been issued with the required phone numbers for your country, or you should have the right support contract.

Re: Forum activity?

Posted: Fri Sep 23, 2011 2:08
by -=Mr B=-
I can only speak for my self. But, the way things are, you cant get jack all in form of support for a older unit, and a lot, if not all, the questions on this forum is pretty straightforward support issues that doesn't strictly fall under warranty issues. Nobody says that a service / support tech has to get in here 20 mins after a post have been made, but seeing as this IS the official forum, it sure wouldn't hurt if representatives were looking in one in a while. Heck, i see manufacturers who's brands i never even heard of have representatives answer questions in forums not run by them self on a close to daily basis.

I asked a straightforward question about hardware supports. It's for a model well past it's "best before" date, where only a enthusiast of some sort would even think of doing a upgrade, and i simply asked what known hardware would work. In the end i had to guess from details given in BIOS updates, and from some service manual "hints" and buy a CPU & memory upgrade accordingly. It's not like this information is hard to find on the tech support end. Just check what other laptops the motherboard was used in, and what choices there was for the hardware, advice that it's not supported by Fujitsu, but "this, should work".

And quite frankly, most questions are at a much lower level then mine. "Button x doesn't do feature x after a reinstall, please help" isn't really that hard to help a fella with. Most likely it's even in a FAQ somewhere, where the poor fella just haven't been able to find it.

For gods sake, i started this thread almost 2 years ago, and i flagged it at once, requesting a moderators attention. Apparently said moderator did... nothing, possibly cleared the flag, and that would have been it. It cant be that hard, can it?
I've been a support monkey myself. Ran a web-hosting outfit. I know full well there is time for emails, and support forums, if you just want to make it a part of the tasks to be handled. At the current rate the forum is actually worse then if there was no forum at all...

Re: Forum activity?

Posted: Fri Jan 26, 2018 11:40
by annabelle
I agree. I was under the impression that this was the official forum for discussions and problems with Fujitsu computers. In the current state this forum is just frustrating for customers who ask a question but never receive any answer. If it was "not setup as a Fujitsu support mechanism", please tell me where I can find the suggested support mechanism if I have questions about our Fujitsu computers?

Re: Forum activity?

Posted: Sun Feb 04, 2018 12:50
by me@work
Me, too, agree that it's a shame finding this forum more or less "abandoned" by FTS staff...
Especially when you notice that new moderators get registered (e.g. "Heike"), and that those moderators are still actively "monitoring" this forum (check "last activity" in their profiles).

I'd like to suggest that a sticky note be added to the top of the forum, on a short term, or on a long term that FTS would be dedicating staff's working time to answer questions in the forum.

Nevertheless, RHAF's suggestions from "way back then" (who obviously was a company member in 2011, and possibly still is) remain completely true, and contacting "Fujitsu Product Support Services" (link still below) is open for everyone (although not necessarily "free"), while there are indeed those people with a 6 year old notebook they recently shot cheap in some kind of a bay, asking e.g. Windows XP handling questions on a Friday afternoon, and complaining that they didn't receive a new driver pack by Sunday morning...

I, personally, as a not-member of FTS, claim the right to decide for myself which questions I answer and which I leave aside, although I truly hope that my replies were found useful from time to time, and helped those who asked.