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Postby Northernlight » Mon Oct 06, 2008 20:32

I wasn't aware that seeking help/advice on the forum wasn't acceptable.

I have spent several days attempting to assist other members who also have questions that haven't been answered by anyone else.

If the purpose of the forum isn't to provide help to FSC customers then it would probably help avoid potential confusion if that was stated within the forum and a link/email address was provided for the FSC technical support point of contact.

You represent FSC and to have received a rude, completely unhelpful response, compounded by your action of locking the thread doesn't enhance the reputation of FSC.

I have chosen to bring this to your attention rather than posting negative comments regarding my experience on other websites and forums.

Surely it would be to the benefit of FSC if the forum were able to provide assistance opposed to anyone with a question having to contact the technical support department directly.


This was intended as a Private Message but when I attempted to send it I was informed that Alexander FSC isn't accepting PM's therefore I've had no option but to post it as a thread on the forum.

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Re: Poor service - Can't PM mod (Alexander FSC).

Postby bubblegum » Mon Oct 06, 2008 21:13

I might be wrong, but I thought this forum was a users forum. For other users to provide support, not FS.

Remember FS are in business, why provide free techincal support. That is probably why, not many questions are answered by FS.

Although I agree that a list of support phone numbers for variuous countries would be helpful.
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Re: Poor service - Can't PM mod (Alexander FSC).

Postby Northernlight » Mon Oct 06, 2008 21:37

It certainly appears so since many questions go unanswered. The forum could be better utilised if FSC were willing to occasionally review posts and provide relevant advice. It would reduce the number of direct enquiries that they presumably receive via telephone, email and website submission; it would also help avoid the same questions having to be repeatedly answered.

To have received a reply from a moderator that didn't even attempt to help is disappointing though and to have then closed the thread, eliminating any possibility of receiving help from even fellow users is, frankly inexcusable.

Anyway, to save anyone else looking for it; the help desk can be contacted via the web form located at http://support.fujitsu-siemens.com/com/ ... ntact.html

If Alexander had provided that link then it would have been more acceptable than to be dismissed entirely.

P.S. The form submission also has the benefit of being free of charge.

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Re: Poor service - Can't PM mod (Alexander FSC).

Postby Alexander FTS » Tue Oct 07, 2008 7:56

Hello Nothernlight,

I disabled private messages because some users thought I´m their personal support staff. I´m sure you can imagine that I am not only responsible for the forum, I have to do my regular work.

In viewtopic.php?f=83&t=33958 you asked some questions about upgrading your Computer. You provide no information about the configuration (what Mainboard is inside and so on). Guessing this??? Scaleo P is only the name of the housing, the Hardware inside differs. I don´t know how often some dedicated users asked for such information because they are really willing to help. It is very disapointing to ask for that in every 2nd thread, imagine this?

The contact form for technical support is quite easy to find on our website like the forum. The forum is only a supplement to the regular technical support.

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Re: About the Forum

Postby pipetko » Tue Jan 05, 2010 3:49

Can I make a Bulgarian translation of the Forum for Bulgarian speakers

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