Upgrading my Esprimo P2540

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Upgrading my Esprimo P2540

Postby FrankJB » Sat Sep 08, 2012 19:11

Hello, I hope someomne can advise me.

I have a Esprimo Desktop, model P2540 with a E2220 @ 2.4GHz, memory 4GB and running Windows 7 32 bit
I have also added a (low power consumption) NVIDIA Geoforce 8500GT so I can run a better monitor

I have added 1 x 1TB hard disc to the 250GB installed, and I also run an external 2TB disk with all of my large images.

Although the PC is getting old now, I believe that I can still upgrade the processor to a better one. Various specs seem to state that it was shipped later with up to a 8400 processor - and possibly up to a 9400 type.

As these are slowly becouming cheaper (ebay etc), can I ask what is the fastest processor that I can use to replace the E2220 - without any other significant changes?

The E2220 is OK, but if I can maximise the power of the PC, then I would like to know the options available.

Many thanks in advance to anyone who can help..


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Re: Upgrading my Esprimo P2540

Postby cgreiner » Tue Nov 20, 2012 18:36

Hi Frank,

unfortunately you posted your question into the German language forum. So there is my reply nevertheless:

The Esprimo P2549 was shipped with different mainboards during its lifespan. you will need to check what board ist installed. It may be D2840 or a D30xx or maybe even another one. Some later models were available not only with E8500 but even with quad Core2Duo cpus, including the Q9650.

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