Esprimo P2510 won't boot with 4G RAM

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Esprimo P2510 won't boot with 4G RAM

Postby esprimo2510 » Mon Jul 09, 2012 11:43

Esprimo P2510
BIOS R1.05.2480.A1
Pentium D820 2.8GHz
On-board graphics
XP Pro 64 bit

The machine was supplied with 1G RAM. The data sheet (see for example ds_esprimo_edition_p2x10.pdf on the Fujitsu Website) states: "Max. capacity 2GB; 4GB with future memory modules (thereof, max. 3.0GB usable for physical main memory)"

I installed two off 2GB modules, one on each of the two memory sockets. The machine failed to boot, almost as if the power was not switched on. It failed even to put a cursor on the screen.

I removed one of the modules. It booted and ran memtest86v4.0a for 24 hours with no errors.

I replaced the 2G module with the other new module and repeated the memory test. No errors.

I did the same thing using the two different memory modules in the other memory socket. No errors.

Page 5 of the English language manual 'A26361-D2480-Z110-1-7419, edition 1' also states that the maximum memory is 4GB, although it does not make the provision that only 3GB is usable as main memory. It also claims that "Memory modules with different memory capacities can be combined." So I tried using one 2G module and one 1G module. In this case Windows reported only 2G RAM installed. I did not run memtest86 with this confiuguration.

The machine is currently running with only 2G RAM installed.

Is there something else I should know in order to install 4G RAM in this machine?

Finally, where can I find drivers for the graphics device for Windows XP Pro 64?

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Re: Esprimo P2510 won't boot with 4G RAM

Postby sabrex » Tue Jul 10, 2012 8:41

(serial YKBB137534) 512MB/DDR2-533 shipped inside your machine from factory. Someone then put in your 1gb RAM (maybe where you purchased it from)

The Mainboard D2480 Memory Specification is:
System Memory Interface:
Technology: DDR2 400 / 533 / 667 unbuffered DIMM modules 240 Pin, 1.8V, 64Bit (4 internal banks required) Supports 256Mb, 512Mb, 1Gb DDR2 technologies
4 internal banks (256Mb, 512Mb), 8 internal banks (1Gb) supported

Total memory size: From 256Mbytes up to 4 GBytes Memory. The amount of installed memory that can be used vary based on add-in cards and BIOS settings. There will be approximately a max. Of 3 GB that can be used.The onboard devices (like grafic, sound and so on) reserve around 1GB

Granularity: For one Socket 256, 512, 1024 or 2048 Mbyte The system needs at least one module and can manage two Memory modules.
ECC support: No

The latest available bios for this machine is (22.08.2007) you need to update your bios before you do anything else.

esprimo2510 wrote:Finally, where can I find drivers for the graphics device for Windows XP Pro 64?

I dont see any 64 xp support on Fujitsu driver download site ATI RC415S
I found it here:

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