[M470] SSD Information

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[M470] SSD Information

Postby Feybio » Wed Feb 16, 2011 14:52

My company has ordered 2 Workstation M470-2 Power (it will be used for CAD and GIS applications), equipped with this Solid State Drive: SSD 256GB high speed FDE (code: S26361-F3576-E100).
I had try Google the code and description and browsing Fujitsu site, but i haven't found any single information about this drive.
Please, can someone tell me the specification of this SSD.

Original brand? (obviously, if it's not Fujitsu)
Memory type? (MLC, SLC and 25nm or 34nm)
Trim and/or Garbage Collector support?
Max sequential Read/Write speed?

Thank in advance!

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