[W280] using an HD5670 graphic card

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[W280] using an HD5670 graphic card

Postby LouCypher » Tue Jun 01, 2010 16:37

I'm planning to buy a Celsius W280 with Core i5-670, and equip it with a Sapphire HD5670 graphic card, but I'm just a bit unsure about power requirements.
From what I've seen on W280 data sheet it's usually equipped with cards requiring at most nearly 60W of power. The HD5670 looks like it's running 10-15W beyond that, when heavily loaded.

Producers (ATI in the first instance, then Sapphire) require a 400W or larger system power supply, while the the W280 has a 300W one. I considered the fact that low-cost off-the-shelf power supplies have usually a low reliability as well, so the 400W total requirement could be very conservative.
On the other hand, loading the W280 with a 60W card, and adding a few host-powered USB peripherals, could easily exceed that 10-15W margin too.
So, from an electronics background the combination seems feasible, left apart some points -- i.e. load on 5V/12V rails, peaks of power.

Did anybody try such a combination, or can give advice on it?


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