[V810] boards to work with dual core opterons

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[V810] boards to work with dual core opterons

Postby boudewijnector » Mon Dec 17, 2007 23:10

Hi there

I've got some boards from Celsius V810 machines, which are just relabeled Tyan S2885 board, with a FSC BIOS on these. (the mainboard even has Tyan S2885 markings)

The S2885 supports dual core CPUs but the Fujitsu SIemens BIOS does not. I'd like to use 2 opteron 275 CPUs on such a board, but only 2 instead of four cores are detected. The BIOS recognises these CPUs as being :


This is obviously wrong. Can someone point me out how to upgrade the FSC bios (currently v1.10, but I can't find a newer version) or just install a Tyan BIOS (which supports dual cores) on these boards?

Problem occurs with multiple boards btw.

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Re: Getting Celsius V810 boards to work with dual core opter

Postby Juggernaut » Tue Jan 08, 2008 14:16

Hi boudewijnector,

the V810 boards are NOT just relabled Tyan S2885, there are some slight differences in the hardware as well. So I wouldn't recommend trying using an Tyan BIOS unless you don't need that board any more ;)

Since V810 doesn't support dual core CPUs (cooling?) there is no FSC BIOS update.

If you have a spare board (or spare good BIOS chip) you could just use UNIFLASH (google it) to flash the complete Tyan BIOS including boot block and try your luck.

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Re: [V810] boards to work with dual core opterons

Postby amiodons » Wed Jun 01, 2011 12:17

What I've done to to the replace the D1692 Phoenix BIOS with the Tyan S2885 AMI BIOS was following:
I used Uniflash and hotflashed the AMI BIOS, including bootblock, onto a spare new chip.
So You have still the old FSC BIOS version on the old chip.
A trick for easy PLCC extraction is to take a pinboard pin, cut/file/sand away the steel needle, and superglue the plastic handle onto the PLCC chip.

Regarding onboard GBit NIC:
I have finally found out, how to enable the onboard Boadcom BCM5703C Gigabit LAN on the D1692 OEM S2885 with Tyan BIOS boards.
You only need an exacto knife ;)
As suspected, the main difference between a real S2885 and the Fujitsu Siemens OEM D1692 is the BIOS enabling/disabling a GPIO pin of the W83627HF chip.
The Fujitsu Siemens Phoenix BIOS enables it, while the Tyan AMI one disables the pin.
This post http://www.0x61.com/forum/post5604466.html identified pin 72.
So I traced my board and pin 72
http://img199.imageshack.us/img199/2200 ... n72via.jpg
is connected on the topside with pin 5 ( /WP Write Protect) of the AT45DB11 serial flash, next to the AGP slot,
and on the underside of the board to a voltage divider made of SMD resistors R1094 (1K), R1093 (1K pull up to 2.5V) and R1092 (4.7K), located between BCM5703 and the AGP slot, and trough it with pin 4 ( /CS Chip Select) of the flash and a pad of the BCM5703C.
http://img534.imageshack.us/img534/3681 ... bottom.jpg
See the schematic
To get the BCM5703C working, it's ATMEL flash must have enabled writes i.e. it's pin 5 must be high.
Therefore I cut the trace between GPIO pin 72 and pin 5 of the flash.
The above mentioned resistors provied the nessesary voltage level pullup.
I've chosen the trace cut by it's via next to pin A6 of PCI slot 5 underside.
Now the NIC is recognised in the bios and works.:D

My two Dual-Core Egypt Opterons 280HE work now.
The only remaining problem is heat, at least the ADT7463 temperature sensor "Local" , next to CPU1 VRM on the back ATX PS2 connections, must be below 44°C, else there is automatic power off.
Temp1 (front) und Temp2 (center board) of the W83627HF must be below 40°C.
Sensor values read with Speedfan.
Have glued 2 heatsinks on the VRM power MOSFET's as in theTyan Board Manual PDF picture.

Advisable is automatic Powernow undervolting/multiplicator underclocking with CrystalCPUID.

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