Soundmax driver Celsius R610 - 'driver not found'

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Soundmax driver Celsius R610 - 'driver not found'

Postby tdumez » Thu Dec 14, 2006 12:41

I created an hardware independent XP SP2 image based on sysprep techniques and so far had no (real) issues to support a wide variety of pc's.
However, now I am trying to support the Fujitsu Siemens R610 but I keep on having troubles getting the Soundmax driver installed.
I used the drivers provided on the Siemens website, and tried out a whole bunch of other ones, but wiothout succes (treid them all manually also without succes).
Did someone have the same problems and if so how did you resolve it (without de-activating the card in the BIOS of course...)

kind regards,

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