[P 1500] Upgrading system (PSU, CPU, SSD-disk etc)

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[P 1500] Upgrading system (PSU, CPU, SSD-disk etc)

Postby plixness » Mon Dec 27, 2010 12:01

Hi folks,

I'm a relatively new owner of a used Esprimo P 1500 system. As a new user I have a few questions that might be good to write here.

What I wonder is if it is hazard free to try to replace a few parts of the system without endangering it running problem free. I want for this stable system to be even better for my main tasks, which is to produce and mix hi-fi audio. I've been thinking of putting in a new SSD-disk, which to my understanding would make running Win 7 faster and my core audio programs as well. Is there anything I should know before exchanging disks which differs from custom system builds? Basically I want the 1 terabyte drive that now runs as a system disk to be a "primary slave" disk.

I also wonder if it would be possible to change the PSU to a more high power PSU? I am thinking about adding either the Q9650 or the Q9550 CPU later on as well which could be more demanding on the system, although I'm not so sure. Perhaps the 330W PSU is more then enough?

My final question is what would give the system the most increase in performance. I am essentially mostly dedicated to audio programs with a lot of virtual instruments / effects being processed. Right now I am leaning towards a new hard-drive, and later on replacing the CPU. Perhaps the graphics card might be good upgrading, but since I am mostly in Windows, I would guess the Nvidia 220GT would be more then enough...

Feel free to chip in to answer, speculate and shed some light in my world. :)

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