[P1510] Freezing graphics driver

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[P1510] Freezing graphics driver

Postby euj » Wed Dec 01, 2010 14:59

i recently bought a new p.c and since day one it has given me trouble.
initially it froze after sleeping then the graphics card started crashing whilst i was trying to play chess titans
i took it back to the store where they insinuated that i had a virus? i find that difficult to believe as i hadn't loaded anything onto my p.c at that point and had never been on the internet, so unless you or your vendours pre load viruses???
anyway i left it with them for a day and they reloaded windows and said that solved the problem
well it didn't, sure it worked o.k for a short while but it was slow in loading and the gaphics card crashed intermittently
so i took it back to the store again where they insisted that there was no problems and deleted all the fault reports in the system diagnosis app
i then realised that there is no after sales service at macro {it might be in fujitsus' interest to inform Macro S.A. that they are giving your co a bad reputation with their lack of customer service}
so i soldiered on and after frequent restores on start-up repairs, i managed to get my p.c reasonably stable, and working o.k.(not well)
up until this point my p.c hadn't been on the internet
3 weeks ago i finally got a modem and was on the internet downloading windows updates, anti-virus updates and of course driver updates( which i found on your site)
now my p.c runs like a turbo charged lanner falcon, but the graphics card still crashes between 5 and 10 times a day(the displat driver reboots) and the p.c freezes often.
i am tearing my hair out as i thought that i was getting a good p.c according to the specs and i now find myself in the position of having to buy a new one.
i do hope that someone can help with this matter or at least advise me on what i need to replace to get the p.c i was hoping to buy
thanks euj

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Re: [P1510] Freezing graphics driver

Postby sabrex » Fri Dec 10, 2010 14:42

Assuming you have a GeForce GT220 1GB inside your machine you need to run this:
Bios Gefroce GT220 Rev

from http://uk.ts.fujitsu.com/support/downloads.html
Put in your product P1510
Down to Graphic
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