Spare HDs for Esprimo P5925

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Spare HDs for Esprimo P5925

Postby jgregory » Thu Nov 04, 2010 20:41

At work I have 2 Esprimo P5925s equipped with WinCC. These systems are setup as a Raid1 with 2 HDs each. I bought 2 more identical HDs and was wanting to mirror those and keep them in a safe place. Could someone walk me through how I might do this?

What I tried didn't seem to work. I took the 2nd HD out, not the master, and plugged it in. The master was then degraded, I think, it wouldn't recognize the new HD. I tried to reactivate the master, that's not the correct term but I can't remember what it said exactly. It told me there wasn't enough free space to do so. Do I need to go into the Intel Matrix Storage Console and rebuild the array? Do I need to be careful not to wipe the master? Is there an easier way to accomplish this? How do I know if I can hot swap the HDs? Is there any benefit to hot swapping on these systems?

I'm fairly new to this stuff so please bear with me.


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