No Signal

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No Signal

Postby acekko » Tue Jun 22, 2010 18:35

I have a Fujitsu-Siemens Esprimo P2520 system and I have got a problem with it. I have installed a new game but something went wrong. When I switch on my computer the monitor shows a "No Signal" message and turns off to standby. It doesn't help to push F8, ESC or any other button. PC works but nothing on the screen. I have tried to use another monitor but the same situation with second monitor.
I have tried to take out the battery that is inside, checked all cables, checked RAM - nothing helps.
I have put in a separate graphics card and switched monitor cable to it but still "No Signal".
Can someone help me to solve this problem, please?
I thank you in advance!

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Re: No Signal

Postby diddldam » Sun Jun 27, 2010 8:40

Seems that you have been doing almost everything possible.

Just some simple simple questions/notes though:
-Are you able to see the start-up-screen/enter bios [i.e. signal disappears when OS is loading (guess you have Windows-OS)]?
[If entering BIOS is possible disable in-built-graphic card if present and use external graphic-card]
-Which motherboard? To reset BIOS to default values sometimes is enough to remove battery and power on pc, but some manufacturers also needs to switch a jumper on the motherboard-power up-reset jumper and then start again.
-Have you tried to use another monitor cable?
-built in graphic-card in MotherBoard or external? Which type?

From reading your post [had a similar problem once with an external graphics card] I guess you have tried almost everything [once or twice], so maybe not helping much :(

But, my strategy would be:
-remove external graphics card
-reset BIOS
-if possible "load failsafe/optimized values" in bios
-boot windows in failsafe-mode/vga-mode - remove driver for graphics card and then reinstalling driver from manufacturers site
-...and then probably restarting several times optmizing your Bios and Windows ;-)

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Re: No Signal

Postby acekko » Sun Jun 27, 2010 16:25

Thanks for the answer!
No, I am not able to see start-up screen and enter BIOS. Monitor switches on, after 2 seconds shows "No Signal" message and then turns-off to stanby.
I have tested an another monitor with another cable. It doesn't help. Monitor works well with another PC.
The system has no external graphics card (it has a built-in graphics card NVIDIA® GeForce® 7050).
I have tried to reset BIOS by taking out battery but it didn't help. I left PC without battery for 24 hours - no result at all. I have tried to take out jumper but still no result. Though may be I have done it wrong. Can you explain me a little more about resetting BIOS with jumper?
Motherboard is D2740 (Fujitsu-Siemens), BIOS version from Phoenix.
Computer works but no beep sound at all at the start and no lights indicating hard driva activity (onlu DVD lamp is flashing).
I wonder what component is damaged - motherboard, memory, hard-drive?
Unfortunately, I can not test memory sticks on another PC as they are of the older system that uses DDR memory.

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