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Microcode cd

Postby carsten » Tue Jun 08, 2010 18:15


At my job im working with different models of epsrimo. E300, E600, E5915, E5925 mostly.
Occationaly i have to change the motherboard, because of errors, and when i have done so, and start up again, it need a bios flash update. The microcode update.

What bothers me is i have to run the file and its getting extracted to a floppy disk. And im having trouble finding floppy disk that works several times these days. Especially because im driving a lot, so my floppy disk is in my car all year.

Is there a microcode cd, with microcodes to all kinds of esprimo models, so i only need 1 cd. ???

Or is it possible to make a boot cd, with some sort of menu with the microcodes on ?

Hope someone can help and have thought about it as well. :)

/ Carsten

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