Many problems with DVI connector

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Many problems with DVI connector

Postby jwem » Wed Mar 17, 2010 10:55

Dear, :shock:

We experience a lot of problems with our DVI adapter in our Esprimo systems in combination with our Neovo LCD screens.
We like to keep both brands in our firm because they serve us good... Except for the DVI problem.

A lot of times, with a newly installed Fujitsu PC with Neovo monitor, after a few weeks or so, the DVI adapter in our Esprimo system won't send out a signal to the monitor (gets broken). Thus we have to connect the monitor with a VGA cable.
Verry annoying, since the computers are under warranty every DVI card gets repaired, but it's still a hassle to deal with all these repairs.

A lot of LCD screens get hurt too, many times we have to send in the screen to repair the DVI interface...!

Maybe someone has a sollution to this problem... Or has encountered this him/herself?!

It looks to me the failure occures overnight, maybe it's the MOBO who keeps things under a certain Voltage?!


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