Won't connect to broadband on standby/startup

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Won't connect to broadband on standby/startup

Postby catbells » Mon Mar 15, 2010 15:14

Can anyone help me please? I am running Windows XP, I have broadband with BT homebub, using an ethernet connection. I have had this set up for over a year now, however over the last six months when waking the computer from standby it won't reconnect to broadband, I have had to reboot it every time. I contacted BT who said I should leave my hub on at night so that it would be updated at 3am and that would sort it. It didn't! The problem has been getting gradually worse, and now it is struggling to connect on start up as well. Again I complained to BT, however it seems the hub is OK, as my laptop is connecting even though the PC struggles. They dismissed my suggestion that it might be the ethernet wire - can anyone give me any guidance please?

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